The Suntoy Solar Top™

The Suntoy Solar Top™ is an eco-friendly solar powered light that provides "Sunshine on a bottle". The solar cells collect sunlight during the day, while four LED’s provide a comfortable light during the night. Ideally suited for reading, but equally versatile for many other uses. A piece of African beaded jewellery invites you to play!

1 hour of sunshine = 1 hour of light
USB Rechargable

Maximum battery capacity is 12 hours

How to make me shine:


Adventure Light

The Suntoy Solar Top™'s compact design makes it
perfect for safari, hiking and camping.

Take your own sunshine on your next adventure!

Safety First

Not only does the Suntoy Solar Top™
emit more light than a candle, but it also
poses no fire risk.

Recharged by mother nature, the
Suntoy Solar Top™ is a cost-effective
solution powered by free renewable energy.

Stores solar energy during the day

Green high-tech technology in a traditional solar top.
That's the Suntoy Solar Top™.

The principle of this solar light is as simple and fun as it is ingenious: The Suntoy Solar Top™ stores energy during the day and releases light at night. Producing light in this way is fun, sustainable and makes it easy to do your bit for the environment. And the Suntoy Solar Top™ will light up the dark for years to come. The Suntoy Solar Top™ contains four solar-powered LEDs, which are charged by solar cells. When placed in direct sunlight the batteries are charged and provide many hours of soft, yet bright lighting without glare.

The Suntoy Solar Top™ is ideal for home lighting, decorating your table and other areas, barbecues, camping, alfresco dining and all other outdoor pursuits that would benefit from beautiful lighting to create a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere.

Light on Top

The Suntoy Solar Top™ is a dome-shaped
solar powered light, which can be placed on
top of any bottle or glass.

The tiltable design makes harvesting sun rays
more efficient, storing solar energy during the day
and emitting comfortable light by night.

This innovative little light is brought to you by the makers of the Consol Solar Jar™.

Reading Light

The Suntoy Solar Top™ is ideally suited for
reading or studying at night.

This clever little light is bright enough
for three people to study by.


Meet our team

Suntoy is a proudly South African company that designs and manufactures the Suntoy Solar Top™.

Suntoy is also about the stories this "Hand made in South Africa" solar light inspires and the committed team that makes it shine.

The products the employees assemble are enriching lives - their own and their communities. The team manages production runs, controls quality and meets orders on time. At Suntoy we promise to give our planet a brighter future by making every hour a solar-powered-hour.

Harald Schulz, born in Bregenz, Austria, is Suntoys Technical and Managing Director, he has thirty years experience in electronic and hydraulic engineering. He began Suntoy in 2008 and has grown it into a successful SMME employing around 60 staff.


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Phone: +27 (0)11 493 3615


The Suntoy Solar Top™ is another
bright invention by the makers of
the Consol Solar Jar™ .

Social-entreperneurship at its best,
Suntoy has created jobs for over 50 men and
woman from the townships of Johannesburg.

South Africa Address

Suntoy Factory: 27A Baldwin Street, Village Deep, Gauteng, South Africa (next door Amalgamated Insulations)

Phone: +27 (0)10 1100 469 or +27 (0)11 493 3615

Suntoy Europe Address

Suntoy Europe GmbH, Postfach 1, 1165 VIENNA, AUSTRIA


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